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  • Integrated steel company, locally owned and operated

  • Four generations serving customers globally for a century

  • Central Alabama's largest metal roofing manufacturer

  • Service before, during, and after the sale

  • Committed, long term business relationships with customers, distributors, and suppliers


In 1912, the Labovitz family undertook their first steel venture in Montgomery, AL when Jacob Labovitz, a Romanian immigrant, began selling hides, furs, paper and metals.  Jacob set up shop in an area near Montgomery Civic Center and Renaissance Complex. It was here that the business was able to set itself apart by being an early adopter of "thinking green" by establishing recycling as an important part of his business model.  After suffering a devastating fire in the 20's, Jacob Labovitz demonstrated his resilience by relocating his business within Montgomery and starting over. 

After serving in World War II, Jacob's son Harry (Pop) began Montgomery Iron and Metal Company where he operated until the late 60's.  Pop sold his shares of the company to his brother-in-law and set out on his own with the start of Alabama Scrap Materials at the 2 West Blvd location.  In 1974, the company was incorporated and became Alabama Steel Supply, Inc. 
Jerald Labovitz began working for his father's company in 1979 and is the current president of Alabama Steel Supply, Inc.  As of 2004, with the addition of Jerald's son Marc, and in 2014 son Barry, began working at the company creating four generations to serve not only our customers, but our river region community.   

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