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  • Wide variety of styles to fit any budget and application

  • Meet or exceed all building codes

  • Knowledgeable sales staff to assist you through the entire process

  • No building is too big or small

Why should I build with steel instead of wood?

The number one reason is strength. Steel buildings can withstand high load conditions. Steel buildings are constructed with high-strength bolts and screws and remain secure because there is little to no movement in the structural members and panels. Wood fasteners in standard construction can loosen due to expansion and contraction, resulting in warping of the wooden frame. Since steel does not warp, shrink or change over time, the connections remain secure. Wooden buildings are susceptible to damage from insects such as termites. In addition, metal building materials are not flammable, which means lower insurance costs, and steel is generally less expensive than wood and other materials. 

Does my order include everything I need to construct my building?

We provide everything you need to construct your metal building with the exception of the anchor bolts, which should be supplied by your foundation contractor.


What is bay spacing?

Bay spacing is the space between two frames. For example, the end wall of the building is the end-frame, and the distance between the end-frame and the next column/rafter section is the bay space, or the distance between two column/rafter sections.


How much will my steel building weigh?

We will prep you in advance about what you need to safely unload the building materials.


Are the steel buildings painted?

Yes, the walls and trim are painted with a long-lasting, factory-applied paint made by a leading manufacturer of heavy duty, high performance protective coatings for steel building components. A wide selection of colors is available.


What are your warranties?

Primary structural members have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Painted sheets have a 40-year limited paint warranty. Galvalume panels have a 20-year limited warranty.


Which base trim option should I choose?

The base trim you choose will depend on your building specifications and the type of foundation you use. We strongly recommend a notched base; please see Base Conditions for more information and illustrations of additional base trim options to suit your specific needs.


What types of windows and doors do you offer?

We offer a wide selection of windows and doors for your building. All come with the hardware, framing, trim and flashing required for installation.


How do I know where to place my windows and doors?

Windows and walk doors are generally "field located." You or your building erector choose the location, cut the corresponding panel to size and mount the doors and windows. If your building design includes a large number of windows or doors, we may ask you to provide your proposed locations to ensure proper building bracing.


How do I attach the doors and windows?

All of our walk doors are self-framing, so mounting hardware is included. Our windows are secured by screwing the window trim directly into the building, which is known as self-flashing.


Can you help me add to my existing steel building?

Absolutely.  Call us to find out how easy and cost-effective steel building additions can be.


Do I need a building permit for my metal building?

You will almost always need a building permit. Always check with your local building inspector before purchasing a metal building and be sure to review your building code specifications carefully. We are not responsible for confirming building codes for your location.


What if I need permit drawings?

If "permit drawings" are required for your permit application, you must notify us in advance so we can place the order on “permit hold.” We will prepare your permit drawings as soon as we receive your deposit, but will not fabricate your building until you notify us that you have your permits in hand. PLEASE NOTE: permit-hold orders are subject to any cost increases that occur after the order placement date.


Do I need a foundation for my metal building?

Some customers choose to pour a full slab foundation. If you plan to leave the floor in a dirt or gravel condition, concrete piers will do the job just fine. Please contact us if you do not plan to pour a full slab foundation.


Can you provide an engineer-stamped foundation layout?

Yes, but in some cases soil conditions play a major role in the type of foundation you can use. Please contact sales department for more information. If you are working with a local engineer, we will provide anchor bolt plans for use in designing the foundation.


Do you supply the hardware to attach the frame to the foundation?

No, the anchor bolts are usually supplied by a concrete contractor and placed when the foundation is poured.


How do I unload my metal building?

You are responsible for unloading your building components from the delivery truck. You must have lifting equipment like a telescoping forklift, boom truck or crane to safely unload components. Some bundles may weigh as much as 3,000 lbs. Please note that, for insurance reasons, our drivers cannot assist with unloading. Additionally, the driver will not permit unloading by hand.


How much is shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on mileage to your jobsite and the weight of your metal building. To save you money, building parts not fabricated by us are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.


Do I need a professional erector to put up my metal building?

A majority of our customers erect their metal buildings without the help of a professional erector using the detailed erection drawings and erection manual we provide. You can also hire a local contractor to erect your building at a relatively low cost.


How long does it take to erect a metal building?

How much time it takes to erect your metal building will depend on building size and the number in your crew and their skill levels. Some buildings can be erected in just a few days.


Ordering and Payment

Your steel building will require 2 separate payments; the first is an engineering deposit (20% of your steel building cost) payable by e-check, credit card or electronic transfer. The second is due upon building delivery and it must be paid with a bank cashier's check. Your load will not be released until payment is made.


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